Everything is ready to start the European Olympic Qualification Tournament next Saturday 24 in Madrid. Once all the participants have been confirmed, the level of the competition promises to be very high since in all the weapons there are athletes among the best in the World whose team has not qualified or have not achieved enough points to get the two individual places reserved for Europe. In women’s epee, the athlete with the best FIE ranking is the Ukrainian Olena Kryvytska, tenth in the world in a weapon where classification by points has been especially difficult. Kryvytska is accompanied by the German Ndolo (# 25), Rottler-Fausch (# 40) from Luxembourg, and Moeschlin (No. 48) from Switzerland. For Spain, the representative is Sara Fernández Calleja (number 108). The next weapon to be fenced on Saturday will be men’s foil where the number one in the competition will be taken by the Polish Siess (No. 21), who contested the Spanish Carlos Llavador for the Olympic place until the last moment. Also within the world Top 50, will be competing the Czech Choupenitch (No. 26), the Turkish Minuto (No. 43), the Ukrainian Yunes (# 47), and the Hungarian Dosa (# 50) a very strong field of competitors indeed. Men’s saber will close the first day, where the Romanian Teodosiu is the best classified in the FIE ranking (No. 41) and the Spanish representative is Iñaki Bravo (#133).

Sunday will begin with men’s epee, in which the athlete with the best world ranking is the Polish Zawrotniak (# 14), followed by the Israeli European champion Freilich (# 19) and the Spanish Pereira (# 24 ). They are also be accompanied by Vuorinen (# 28) from Finland, Mahringer (# 35) from Austria, Jurka (# 41) from the Czech Republic, and Von Der Osten (No. 45) from Denmark. Men’s epee is the weapon with the highest number of classified among the top 50 in the world (7). It will be followed on Sunday by the women’s foil, where  Israeli Pustilnik (# 43) is the top seed followed by Spanish Maria Mariño (# 59). The tournament will be closed by women’s saber, a very dense competition where 5 of the 14 participants are among the top 50 in the world: the Romanian Pascu (# 16), the Spanish Araceli Navarro (#24), the German Limbach (# 26), the Azeri Bashta (# 36) and the Polish Matuszak (# 49).

The competition format will include a first round of pools, followed by a knockout round until the winner is named and will earn the right to participate in the next Olympic Games. The pools of each weapon must have the same number of participants per pool, which means that in several of the competitions there are exempts who directly access the direct elimination table.